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Jean is a romance & fantasy author and freelance blogger. She has blogged about pets, kids, books, personal finance & small business. She also blogs about her faith at jmbauhaus.wordpress.com.

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What Percentage of Net Worth Should Be Cash?

Having ready access to cash is always a good idea, but deciding exactly how much of your net worth to keep liquid can be tricky. Considering factors such as job security, sources of income and your ......

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Does Cosigning a Loan Affect Debt to Income?

It’s tempting to co-sign a loan for a friend or loved one who can't get a loan on his own, or needs help establishing and building good credit. But co-signing comes with a lot of pitfalls, not ......

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How to Redeem a Bond With a Different Name

Savings bonds take many years, even decades, to mature. Meanwhile, people grow up and get married and often change their last name. Savings bonds also get passed to beneficiaries after the original ......

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Can I Renew or Refinance a Payday Loan If I Cannot Pay It Back?

In tough economic times, it’s tempting to take out a payday loan to tide you over until your next paycheck. To avoid the trap of high interest and fees associated with refinancing, it’s ......

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How Long Can a Detached Sponge Live For?

Sea sponges are hardy creatures; they can take a lot of abuse and live a long time -- anywhere from 20 to 100 years in the wild. Sea sponges that become detached from their surroundings usually have ......

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Is It Wise to Change Insurance Companies Before a Homeowner's Policy Expires?

You can switch your homeowner’s insurance provider at any time for any reason. Whether or not it’s a wise move depends on a number of factors, but in general it’s wise to review ......

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Pros & Cons of Home Improvement Loans

Need to put a new roof on your home, or add on a new room for your growing family? Chances are, you don't have the money for such costly repairs and upgrades just lying around. That's where home ......

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Covering Parakeets for Warmth

Parakeets, like all parrots, are tropical birds that are suited to warm climates. In the not-so-tropical regions of North America where many of these little guys serve as companions, you need to take ......

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Weight Loss in Parakeets

"Parakeet" is a broad term that covers several species of small parrots. Most often, it refers to the budgerigar, or budgie -- one of the smallest varieties of parrot and most popular pet ......

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Is My Spouse Responsible for My Mortgage?

Married couples might assume that being married automatically makes each spouse responsible for the others' mortgage debt; but this depends on a number of factors, the biggest of which is whether you ......