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Jean is a romance & fantasy author and freelance blogger. She has blogged about pets, kids, books, personal finance & small business. She also blogs about her faith at jmbauhaus.wordpress.com.

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Our Favorite Gratitude Prayers to Feel Better About Money ...

There’s no denying that money is important, but too much focus on it creates stress and anxiety as well as marital and family conflict. Measuring success in terms of material wealth puts the focus on what we lack rather than on what we already have. Fortunately, gratitude prayers are one of the most effective ways to combat this when we could use a reminder that our needs are often already met.

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What I Learned About Adopting a Simple Living Mentality

Thanks to a world where we’re constantly barraged by information and consumerism, simple living has become a popular trend. Books offering simple living tips dominated the bestseller lists in 2016. Most of the advice promises that owning less stuff and abandoning the pursuit of wealth to spend more time on things that matter — family, creative pursuits, travel, volunteering, involvement in churches and communities — is the key to happiness. But is it?

Summer inline article

Summertime Safety for Your Dog — TheNosePrint.com

Summertime is great for enjoying life with your dog. But fun in the sun also holds hidden doggie dangers. Avoid having your outing end with a trip to the emergency vet with these safety tips.

Brown dog scratching in grass article

Dog Skin Conditions: 5 Common Causes | Hill's Pet

Dog skin conditions are unfortunately all too common. Some allergic reactions can cause incessant scratching, licking, chewing, and fidgeting; making life so uncomfortable for him. They can also give way to hair loss and painful lesions that become infected without proper care. Here are the most common causes of skin conditions in your furriest family members.

Golden retriever puppy eating article

Implications of Changing Your New Dog's Dog Food | Hill's Pet

Changing dog food isn't something you should rush into, especially when bringing home a new dog. Seeing canines chow down on the contents of an overturned trash can you might be tempted to think they have iron stomachs. The reality, however, is that dogs have surprisingly sensitive tummies, and abrupt changes to their food can upset them. To help make a dog food transition go smoothly for your new housemate, follow these steps.

Chocolate lab pup eating article

When to Bring Home Your Puppy | Hill's Pet

Getting a new puppy isn't a decision you'll make casually. After all, you're considering a furry, four-legged toddler who needs you to provide for his every tiring, goofy—and yet adorable need. You know a puppy comes with a lot of responsibilities, but you're still wondering "am I ready for a dog"? Here are some things to consider when deciding if you're prepared for this energetic best friend.

Beagle puppy article

10 Things to Do after Adopting a Dog | Hill's Pet

Adopting a dog can be overwhelming if you don't know where to begin, but bringing home a pup is also fun and exciting! This milestone is the first bonding moment of many between you and your new fuzzy friend. To help ease that stress, here are ten things you can do to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

Img article things to consider before getting a dog for your family article

Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog for Your Family - Care.com

Do the kids keep asking for a dog? Here are 11 things parents should consider before adding a dog to the family.

Img article 10 kids up to no good article

10 Kids Up to No Good - Care.com

You're enjoying a rare moment of peace and quiet when suddenly it hits you: It's a little too quiet. If you have kids, then you know this is a universal sign that your little ones are likely getting themselves into trouble. But no matter what, you can't help but love their crazy antics.

Img article 101 things to do with your cat article

101 Things to Do With Your Cat - Care.com

Cats may have a reputation for being low-key, but that doesn't mean they don't need quality time with their family. Here are 101 things to do with your cat to promote bonding and mental health, and to better enjoy your kitty.

Img article 101 things to do if princesses are your childs favorite article

101 Things to Do if Princesses Are Your Child's Favorite - Care.com

Does your child refuse to leave the house without a tiara? These fun activities will keep your little prince or princess entertained for hours.

Img article 101 things to do with your dog article

101 Things to Do With Your Dog - Care.com

Looking for things to do with your dog? This massive list of activities will ease boredom, provide mental stimulation and strengthen the bond between you and your best friend.

Img article false pregnancy in dogs how to tell article

False Pregnancy in Dogs -- How to Tell - Care.com

False pregnancy in dogs can happen to any breed at any age and telling the difference from a real pregnancy isn't easy.

Img article lupus in dogs everything you need to know article

Lupus in Dogs: Everything You Need to Know - Care.com

Here's an overview of lupus in dogs, including the symptoms and available treatment options.

Img article dog whining what should you do article

Dog Whining: What Should You Do? - Care.com

Dog Whining: What Should You Do? - Care.com