I'm a blogger and content writer.

Jean is a romance & fantasy author and freelance blogger. She has blogged about pets, kids, books, personal finance & small business. She also blogs about her faith at jmbauhaus.wordpress.com.

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Will Debt Settlement Affect a Credit Report? | The Classroom ...

Will Debt Settlement Affect a Credit Report? | The ...

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How to Save Money on Gas, Taxes, Food & More | The Classroom | Synonym

A lot of things are tough when you're beginning the journey into adulthood, and finances are often one of them. Any opportunity to save money lessens the squeeze on your wallet. As the old saying ......

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How a Single Parent Can Pay Off Credit Card Bills and Still Have Money for Savings | The Classroom | Synonym

Too much debt and not enough savings is a tough situation that many people are finding themselves in these days. A large percentage of those people are single parents who rely on credit cards to help ......

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How do I Write an Application Letter to Study at a University? | The Classroom | Synonym

University application letters can be intimidating. It often feels like your entire future hinges on your ability to write an effective letter. While your personal essay isn't the only thing that ......