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Jean is a romance & fantasy author and freelance blogger. She has blogged about pets, kids, books, personal finance & small business. She also blogs about her faith at jmbauhaus.wordpress.com.

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Daily Puppy

How to Make Your Dog's Boarding Stay Comfortable

It’s a sad day for both you and your dog when you have to leave your buddy for a long boarding stay. Knowing you’ve done all you can to make his stay as comfortable and ......

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Daily Puppy

Home Remedies to Keep Dogs Off the Furniture

Dogs can sometimes be a conundrum. We share our homes with them and make them a part of our families, but that doesn't always mean we want to share our furniture with them. Fortunately, you can ......

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Daily Puppy

About Schnoodle Puppies

Schnoodle. It's not a German dish with schnitzel and noodles; it's a dog, a cross between a schnauzer and a poodle. Schnoodles are small-to-medium dogs, though actual size depends on their ......

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Daily Puppy

Is Separation Anxiety Part of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Dogs?

Separation anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder are two separate and distinct canine psychological disorders. Although one is not part of the other, these two conditions sometimes occur ......

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Daily Puppy

Helpful Tips for Finding the Best Small Dog Breed for You

When choosing the right small breed dog for you and your family, make sure that the breed is a good fit for your lifestyle. Although individual dogs each have unique personalities, do some research ......

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Daily Puppy

What are the Treatments for Simple Focal Epilepsy in Dogs?

Canine epilepsy can take several forms. One of those forms is focal seizures, typically characterized by a facial tick or twitching of the head or another part of the body. While these can be ......

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Daily Puppy

Double-Muscling in Dogs

Double muscling refers to an excessive buildup of skeletal muscle caused by a mutation of the myostatin gene. This mutation is most commonly found in cows and sheep, although it sometimes occurs in ......

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Daily Puppy

Symptoms That My Dog Is Allergic to Grass

Just as some people get hay fever, some dogs are susceptible to airborne allergens such as grass pollen. Dogs sometimes experience respiratory problems, but more often their allergies cause skin ......

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Daily Puppy

How Old Does Your Dog Have to Be to Give Them Omega 3?

Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of your dog’s diet. They are beneficial in helping to ward off disease, increase longevity and promote overall quality of life. But there are ......

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Daily Puppy

5 Tips for Packing a Puppy Bag When You Board a Flight

Although no airline will accept a puppy younger than 8 weeks of age, most airlines will allow a dog or older puppy weighing less than 20 pounds to fly with you in the passenger cabin. When packing ......